PT Aster Polychem presents basic textile chemical products with exact composition, with accurate application at the right time and price, assisted by experts to achieve cost efficiency and production efficiency.

Supported by approximately 30 years of experience, our experts understand exactly the best textile chemical products for our customers, quickly and efficiently. We guarantee the quality and compounding of our product formulas, thus it will be our pride to serve our customers. In addition, our products are audited periodically and independently.

The products we present ranged from grams to tons, and can be tailored to your specific needs and we always maintain the consistency and sustainability of the products we produce.

Our experienced technical personnels will continuously help and support our customers in using products in the right way to increase cost efficiency & production efficiency, because we provide dedicated after-sales support. We also provide continuous communication to ensure total satisfaction for all our customers.



Aster Polychem presents chemical products as supporting materials for textile production processes, including :

  1. Sizing Pre-Treatment.
  2. Dyeing.
  3. Printing.
  4. Finishing.

Our products can improve fabric properties and other types of textiles in a variety of uses, including:

  1. High fashion.
  2. Household textile.
  3. Interior.
  4. Special textile.

With anti-rumpled, moisture control, waterproof properties and so on, so that the related products have value added.

Our experts provide technical assistance services needed to ensure that cost efficiency and production have increased, so that customers may obtain greater value from their products.